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Mark and Pam were joined in marriage July 30, 2011. There commitment was not only to each other but also to the land and to that third thing – the Holy Heart. They vowed to serve the Holy Heart through their love of Earth and all her beings. The land at Sweetwater Sanctuary is an extraordinary example of the power of co-creative partnership where love, intention, service and healing thrive. In order to allow more folks access to this amazing sanctuary the “Be Love” Scholarship Fund was created for deserving students to attend classes at Partner Earth Education Center at Sweetwater Sanctuary. Our friends and family generously donated to this fund as a way to gift us and the land for our wedding. We invite you to participate in spreading love, light and healing by helping to make it possible for folks to learn, grow and “be love” through the teachings of the Holy Heart (via the plants) that flow through this land of Sweetwater Sanctuary. You can make a donation to the “Be Love” Scholarship Fund through Paypal by clicking below or you can send a check for any amount to:
Partner Earth Education Center, 1525 Danby Mtn. Rd., Danby, VT 05739.



If you would like to apply for a “Be Love” Scholarship please fill out the application below.

Please send the following application to Partner Earth Education Center, 1525 Danby Mtn. Rd., Danby, VT 05739 at least two months in advance of the course you would like to take or email to: Please keep this application brief using only the front and back of this page.

Name: _____________________________________________________________

Address: _____________________________________________________


Phone number:________________________________________________

Email address: _________________________________________________

Course applying for: ____________________________________________

Amount applying for (we give partial scholarships only because of the high demand and attempt to help many people):_____________________

Please explain your financial need: (use other side if needed)

Why do you want to take this course? (use other side if needed)


copy and paste this form onto your paper and mail to:
Partner Earth Education Center
1525 Danby Mountain Road
Danby, Vermont 05739
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