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Journey of Transformation and Deep Encounter with Dandelion
in the Magical Land of Damanhur

April 14 to 20, 2015

Nestled in the foothills of the Italian Alps is a magical land where people, nature spirits, trees, plants and the cosmic forces collectively mingle to co-create a unitive world where the game of life is played to its fullest. Here through the harmonious integration and collaboration with all the Forces linked to the evolution of humankind Sacred Humans are emerging taking up their rightful place within the vast interconnected web of nature and life. Within this sacred landscape conscious awareness is brought to every aspect of life whether it is in making art, learning, growing food, playing, communicating with plants, dancing, working, socializing or deeply connecting.


We will journey to Damanhur, an eco-society, in the springtime of the year to experience the depth of spirit that rises up from the land and lives within the people who have chosen to walk a path of beauty in co-creative partnership with nature. We will visit the Temples of Humankind known as the eighth wonder of the world, walk circuits to bring inner and outer balance, open our hearts to the singing of the plants, receive direct transmission from Selfic paintings, deeply commune with the Sacred Woods as well as engage in a two day ceremony of Deep Encounter with Dandelion. We will be joined by Damanhurian citizens during the Dandelion Ceremony as this is their signature plant.


Join us on this transformational journey of deeply connecting to oneself, nature and the cosmic forces supporting our spiritual evolution.


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April 13th meet in Milan flying into Malpensa airport. Folks can meet at the Sempione Hotel near the airport and then together transport to Damanhur on April 14th OR meet directly at Damanhur by 12;30 on April 14th.

Leave Damanhur on the morning of April 20th.
Flights home can be planned for after 2:00 pm on this day or the following day.

A detailed schedule of our daily activities will be available soon. We will be fasting during our two day Dandelion Ceremony. Light food such as nuts, nut butter and dried fruit will be available for those needing to eat a little.

Facilitators: Pam Montgomery and Carole Guyett

Carole Guyett is a medical herbalist, shamanic practitioner, Celtic Priestess and accomplished apprentice carrying the traditional Beauty Way Teachings. She teaches internationally and leads personal and group ceremonies from her home, Derrynagittah in Caher, Ireland. Her book Sacred Plant Initiations; Communication with Plants for Healing and Higher Consciousness will be published by Inner Traditions in April 2015.

$1525 or 1100€ includes program, all instruction, meals at Damanhur, accommodation at Damanhur, transport (with return) from Milan to Damanhur, transport while at Damanhur, Dandelion, ceremony, night within Hall of Mirrors in the Temple of Humankind. Cost does NOT include airfare to Italy, hotels in Milan, food in Milan.

(price could slightly fluctuate based on current exchange rate upon travel date)

Payment: A non-refundable deposit of $200 or 155€ is necessary to hold your space with full payment due by March 15th. You can pay via Paypal or by check sent to: PEEC, 1525 Danby Mtn. Rd., Danby, Vt. 05739

Special note: During our journey dates Alitalia Airlines has a special fare from New York’s JFK to Milan that is about half the usual cost.


Damanhur offers invaluable gifts at the individual and collective level, both spiritual and material, a flavor of what might happen as we make the divine manifest in matter.”

Esperide Ananas from Damanhur

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