Associate Teachers

The following Associate Teachers have studied with Pam and are now being endorsed by her to teach Plant Communication and Plant Spirit Healing. These classes will maintain the integrity of Pam’s original teachings with the added benefit of receiving the unique and inspiring style of each teacher. As Pam begins to shift from teaching full time others are stepping forward who have been called by the plants to continue to share the amazing beauty of plants and their vast consciousness and healing ways. ...................Scroll down to view teachers and courses


Beth Steinmann a white witch, herbwife, ceremonilaist, channel, and creator of the Earth Advocate Apprenticeship and the Satya Collective. Her professional training includes completion of two years of herbal study in Cultivating the Herbal Medicine Woman Within with Kami McBride (author of The Herbal Kitchen), completion of the Intensive Clairvoyant Training Program at the Berkeley Psychic Institute, and completion of The Art and Science of Herbalism with Rosemary Gladstar (author of The Family Herbal and many others). She has worked and trained extensively with Pam Montgomery (author of Partner Earth: A Spiritual Ecology and Plant Spirit Healing: A Guide to Working with Plant Consciousness) including completion of the Plant Spirit Healing Apprenticeship, Advanced Plant Spirit Healing and Certification, assistant teaching for Plant Communication, and numerous Plant Initiation Ceremonies with Pam Montgomery and Carole Guyette (author of Sacred Plant Initiation: Communicating with Plants for Healing and Higher Consciousness). Before becoming a mama, Beth had a private practice as a Holistic and Metaphysical Health Practitioner, and she has been leading workshops and facilitating healings for ten years. She can be found tromping through the woods with her twin boys, stepdaughter and husband in the wilds of Sonoma County, California.


Earth Advocate: Becoming Ambassadors for the New Earth

A certification course for spiritual activists, with concrete, interdisciplinary tools and specific healing techniques that will empower students to emerge as leaders of consciousness change.

May, 2016-May, 2017; 170 total hours of instruction

This course is for people who:

  • Are spiritual activists, who work towards creating social justice and Earth justice, who also have a transcendent spiritual perspective
  • Have a a highly developed ethical consciousness and are devoted to practicing love, forgiveness and compassion
  •  Are interested in continually breaking down their own ego distortions and challenging themselves
  •  Are experienced with shamanic journeying and working in altered states of consciousness/navigating other realms
  •  Believe they are here to help create and implement a new paradigm
  • Can integrate this work into a professional healing practice, Earth healing practice, permaculture practice, or are otherwise interested in taking it to the world

Students will learn how to:

  • Collectively recover from human isolationism through becoming intimate allies with myriad forms of benevolent nonhuman consciousness
  • Devote ourselves to deep listening, healing and Earth service through walking the path of the heart (acceptance, forgiveness, compassion)
  • Address, actively grieve and heal deep wounds created by the illusion of separation, in a safe, ceremonial space
  • Activate our multidimensional consciousness by learning to see other as self
  • Become active facilitators of these practices in others

The course framework includes: plant dieting (we will diet a specific plant each weekend), shamanic journeying, nature immersion, body movement, holotropic breathwork, intuitive art and more.

Topics and techniques covered in depth include: Dimensional alchemy, DNA activation, ancestral healing, soul retrieval, ending karma, the root races and becoming sacred humans, transmutation, the sacred art of grieving, astral travel, telepathy, cloaking, bending time and more.

**Due to the advanced nature of the material in this course, an interview process is required. Please go to for more information.
Course Location: Sophia’s Garden, a sacred healing retreat and biodynamic farm in Sebastopol, California

Course Dates:

2016: May 7-8, June 4-5, July 2-3, September 10-11, October 8-9, November 5-6

2017: February 11-12, March 11-12, April 8-9, May 6-7

Course Cost:

$2197 Earlybird if paid by March 1

$2497 if paid after March 1

payment plans available

Equinox Redwood Initiation

During this two-day ceremony, we will seek to become initiated into the vibratory field of Redwood for personal and collective healing, and to become human conduits for the light they are presently anchoring on planet Earth.

Plant Dieting is an ancient shamanic technique for connecting with and honoring the plants. We will abstain from food, drink a ceremonially prepared Redwood elixir at regular intervals, and enter a space of sacred ritual and communion with the Redwoods. We’ll take part in various exercises and journeys, both indoors and outdoors under the redwoods, with the intent of opening gateways to other realms where true connection and transformation are possible.

This ceremony is part of a global action during the 2016 Fall Equinox window to enter the Dream of the Redwoods, awakening to our true purpose as Sacred Humans within a living galaxy. Within the field of Redwood, we will align with ceremonies in Canyon, CA, Calaveras Big Trees State Park, and Co. Clare, Ireland, where a Redwood planting ceremony will also take place.

We will begin promptly at 9am Saturday morning and end around 7pm Sunday evening. We will sleep around the altar in the Sacred Dome Saturday night. This ritual is a fast, but there will be several simple items available to snack on for those who have a medical need. If you are unable to fast at all for medical reasons, please contact Beth to make special arrangements.

Because of the in-depth nature of this work, we ask that you please have some experience with ritual/ceremony, plant spirit healing or similar modality, or working with altered states of consciousness.

September 24 6pm September 25

Sophia’s Garden Retreat and Healing Center, Sebastopol, CA

 Register before September 1: $110

After September 1, cost is $125-$160 sliding scale.

One work trade position is available.
Space is limited, $50 deposit required at time of registration. Preregistration required.

For more info, see To register, contact Beth at 510-707.684-8453 or

***This event is created with the acknowledgement that we will be meeting on Occupied Pomo land. We seek to honor indigenous ways of being and relationship with the land, and acknowledge that all ways of ceremony are rooted within Indegenous human wisdom.***


jen frey

Workshops taught by Jen Frey

Jen Frey is a certified Plant Spirit Healing and Flower Essence practitioner and Herbalist.  From an early age, Jen had a deep love for and connection with Nature and Nature Spirits and knew that she was meant to be a healer.  As she continues to study different healing modalities and incorporate these into her healing practice, her relationship with the Divine in Nature is her guiding force.  Through her practice located in East Petersburg, PA, Jen offers consultations, Egg Limpias, and healing ceremonies (both in-person and long distance). Jen teaches classes internationally for adults and children on natural healing and connecting with Nature.  She travels the world to make high-quality, unique Flower and Environmental Essences, which are available through her company, Brigid's Way, LLC.  Jen is also the US Distributor of the Music of the Plants device, a magical device from Damanhur (Italy) that translates the electrical impulses from a Plant into musical notes.  Jen has found this to be a phenomenal doorway into the wonders of Nature and helping people to open their Hearts.    

Plant Communication 

During this weekend we will interact with Plants, learn various ways of communicating with them (including hearing them sing), and develop a relationship with your special plant. This plant (and others) can be a source of guidance and wisdom, which can bring healing, a better understanding of yourself and the Universal energies, and help you live your fullest life. 

We will sharpen our innate skills of interspecies communication and deepen our relationship with Nature.

"When we know that the animals and plants are part of who we are, we can listen and respond. Ignoring the trees is like ignoring our lungs when they are congested and we can’t breathe." -Tara Brach

Plant Communication
10 AM June 3rd - 3 PM June 5th, 2016
Temenos Retreat Center
West Chester, PA

Energy Exchange: $400, includes shared lodging, meals from Friday lunch to Sunday lunch, with a potluck Saturday night

Pre-registration is required (by May 7th)
To register, email

This class is highly recommended as a pre-requisite for Brigid Way's Tulsi Initiation July 29-31 and Apprenticeship in 2017.


Tulsi Sacred Plant Initiation

The Plants are our evolutionary guides. With their help, we can learn how to take up our rightful place as part of Nature.

This weekend is an opportunity to deepen your relationship with Nature and take another step towards becoming a Sacred Human, with the guidance of the wonderful Plant ally, Tulsi.

This workshop is a weekend long ceremony, where we fast (recommended - though this is a matter of personal choice), ingest a ceremonially prepared elixir of Tulsi, and take part in multiple shamanic journeys and ceremonies all with the intention of broadening our consciousness, receiving the healing gifts of Tulsi, and Becoming our True Essential Nature. A Sacred Plant Initiation is a very special honoring and union with a Plant that can bring healing and guidance on all levels.

Tulsi also known as Sacred Basil or Holy Basil is a plant who has been revered in India for over 5,000 years. She is considered to be a Goddess in the form of a Plant. The Love of Tulsi has been spreading, for very good reason, as she is considered to be healing and adaptogenic - helps the body adapt to stressors and restore balance. I am sure that during this weekend we will discover even more of her gifts and understand why she has been Loved for so long.

Because of the Sacredness and content of this workshop, a brief interview is required for acceptance into this class. It is HIGHLY recommended that you take a Plant Communication class with Brigid's Way (June 3rd-5th) or Pam Montgomery of Partnership Earth Education Center or have an equivilent experience.

You will be asked to prepare yourself for this time with Tulsi - including avoiding certain foods and activities. This is a way of preparing your body (all of them) to enter into deep relationship with Tulsi. It is about making the commitment to her and ultimately yourself.

Tulsi Sacred Plant Initiation
11 AM July 29th- 3 PM July 31st, 2016
Temenos Retreat Center, West Chester, PA

Energy Exchange: $400 includes shared lodging and final feast on Sunday

Pre-registration and interview required
Space is limited
To register/schedule interview email

This workshop is based on Jen's experiences with Plant Initiations with Carole Guyett and Pam Montgomery and Jen's work with Tulsi.
To learn more about Sacred Plant Initiations, Jen recommends reading Carole Guyett's book: Sacred Plant Initiations: Communicating with Plants for Healing and Higher Consciousness.
Ancestral Healing Ceremony

Release the burdens of your Ancestors as you step more freely into your own Being.  Traditions around the world, honor this time of year as the time of the Ancestors.

We will work with this natural timing and allow Grandmother Cedar to guide us through a ceremonial healing process, healing the wounds of our Ancestors.
Whether we are aware or not, we all have wounds, pain, limiting beliefs, etc. that we have received from our Ancestors.  
These burdens can have detrimental effects.  However, we do not need to carry these, we can release them and by doing so, heal ourselves, our ancestors and the future generations.

October 30, 2016
10 AM - 1 PM

Energy Exchange: $40
Register by October 21st by email or calling 717-629-8426
denise liddy

Plant Spirit Healing Workshop Series

Guided by Denise Beamish and Liddy Flewwelling

In this Plant Spirit Healing workshop series learn how to communicate with plants, connect with your plant allies, and use plant spirits for healing.

Begins May 22nd, or June 5th,


Join us this summer to explore the world of plant communication and plant spirit healing! This workshop series is for the seeker interested in personal transformation as well as those who wish to support others on their healing journey.

The overall objective of this workshop series is to provide the space to connect deeply with the healing power of plants, restoring your connection to yourself and to the natural world.

Students will visit a number of wild plants and open to the healing gifts they offer. You will learn a variety of plant spirit and energetic healing techniques with a special focus on the healing gifts of Artemisia Vulgaris (Mugwort), St. John’s Wort, and Sacred Basil (Tulsi).

Attend the introductory class, May 22nd in Montreal, or June 5th, Townships - $90

Register for the full series (7 days): $550, before May 1st, or $620, after May 1st.

Dates for the series: May 22, or June 5; June 18, July 10, Aug 7, Sept. 3-4, Sept. 25

Guided by Liddy Flewwelling and Denise Beamish

Liddy has completed Plant Spirit Medicine training with Eliot Cowan, as well as Pam Montgomery’s Plant Spirit Healing Apprenticeship program and has worked with the healing power of plants for over 15 years in her shamanic healing practice.

Denise, an avid gardener who has completed Pam Montgomery’s Plant Spirit Healing Apprenticeship program, offers Plant Spirit Healing combined with energy healing techniques framed in the context of wellness life coaching. Her services include plant spirit healing and flower essences workshops.  


For detailed information please go to Or contact:, 514 481 5674, or, 450 670 2281.

Lauren "Lupo" Passero
Clinical Herbalist & Educator
Dir. of Twin Star Herbal Education

Earth Spirit - An Intorduction to Energetic & Shamanic Herbalism 
With Lupo Passero and Native Elder Painted Turtle

June 22, July 20, August 17, September 21, October 19, November 16, December 21

Summer - Winter Solstice 
One Wednesday a month June - December 6:30-9:00
Energetic Herbalism recognizes that the body, mind and soul are all equally important components when it comes to healing all dis-ease and human ailments. It encompasses the idea that the divine within each living thing (plant, animal, mineral) is ultimately connected and this cohesive energy can be tapped into and utilized by all for better health and wellness. During this 7 month program we will explore the energetic herbalism philosophy by combining the use of sacred herbal remedies and traditional/indigenous healing practices. A variety of modalities will be examined and shared including healing with stones, plants, flower essences, medicinal oils, prayers and intention. This class will be a sacred spiritual journey. No previous training required

Intimately connected with the plant world from an early age, Lupo Passero has studied botanical medicine from a variety of perspectives. A mother twice blessed, Lupo has a first hand passion for helping the family enjoy healthy and holistic experiences with pregnancy, childbirth, children and teenagers! Her humble beginning with herbs and flower essences as a young mother in the 90's inspired her to learn and go on to teach others. Lupo spent over a decade developing an intimate relationship to the diverse medicinal plants of the Appalachians Mountains of North Carolina, where she lived for many years and studied herbalism at the North Carolina School of Natural Healing. It was in the healing community of Asheville where Lupo began her career as an herbalist, offering classes and workshops on traditional herbalism and flower essences at various institutions (including The Appalachian School of Holistic Herbalism, The Blue Ridge School of Herbal Medicine and The One World Healing Institute). Her classes have since evolved to cover a variety of topics including folk herbal history, plant spirit healing, plant identification/communication, the medicine woman way, and a variety of spiritual and indigenous herbal traditions from around the globe.  Lupo is a retired two-term Secretary and board member of the American Herbalist Guild, an organization pioneering professional modern herbalism. In 2009, Lupo launched Twin Star Herbal Education and Apothecary in New Milford, CT where she continues to share her passion for the natural world. Lupo’s immense love for travel has lead her to teach numerous herbal trainings and retreats throughout the country as well as Central America and Europe.  She has had the privilege of studying under the tutelage of many great teachers including Himani Ellis, Rosemary Gladstar, Pam Montgomery and a host of traditional Medicine Men and Woman across the globe.  Lupo grew up in Newtown, Connecticut, she and her family currently reside close by.  When she is not traveling and teaching she can be found in her medicine wheel garden or traipsing through the woodland, almost always with her camera in hand.  

Danielle is a Plant Spirit Healing Practitioner and Educator & Reiki Practitioner and Teacher in the Eastern Ontario Region. Located just outside of Kingston Danielle offers In Person and Distance Healing Sessions, Workshops, and facilitates Wysdom Tree’s The Flowering Spirit Healing Circle. Danielle is deeply grateful for the Healing Gifts of our Green Allies in Nature, and loves helping others to clear their Sacred Space within so they might live more fully from the deepest desires of their Spirit and connect to the life giving waters of Source.

Plant Spirit Communication Workshop 2016

Are you longing for a deeper connection with the natural world? Does the remembrance of your ancestor’s intimate knowing of Mother Earth and the Green Nations stir in your heart? Wysdom Tree is pleased to offer a Plant Spirit Communication Workshop which will give you the chance to forge deepened relationships with the consciousness and being of our Green Allies and receive their Healing Gifts.

This educational retreat follows the curriculum of my Apprenticeship Teacher Pam Montgomery’s Plant Spirit Communication Workshop and it is with much gratitude that I pass these teachings onto you.

In this Plant Spirit Communication Workshop we will:

Learn about Heart Perception & Entrainment
Work with a Plant Ally that you are drawn to
Learn About Plants through Sound, Light, & Colour
Enter the Daydream of our Plant Spirit Allies
Engage with Shamanic Journeying to learn about our Green Allies and receive Healing
Experience the Felt Sensation of Plants
Engage with Greenbreath, a form of Transformational Breathwork with Plants developed by my Plant Spirit Healing Apprenticeship Teacher Pam Montgomery, to affect deep and profound shifts in our energetic templates

Date: September 23-25 inclusive. Class starts at 10am Friday morning and finishes Sunday at 3pm.

Location: Soulful by Design, Kingston, Ontario

Workshop/Retreat Investment: Your investment is $300 per person and includes shared accommodations and meals. (First come first serve for accommodation preferences which also include tenting as an option)

This Workshop is limited to 10 students and a $100.00 non-refundable deposit is required to register and secure your spot. Remainder is due by August 30th.

Visit this link for more information and to secure your spot:

Or Contact

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